MK-CZ-T is a lightweight portable ski lift with supports. This extract does not require foundations, which significantly facilitates and reduces the investment cost. The drive and return wheels are Ø 1500 mm, supporting rollers Ø 200 mm. Transport of skiers provides telescopic telescopes.

MK-CZ-T is equipped with a drive, which consists of a 4-phase three-phase motor in the power range of 5.5 to 15 kW. The drive is equipped with a frequency converter for speed control. The rope is mechanically tightened with springs.

The statement has a TUV certificate. All devices and cranes comply with European Union regulations, in particular with Directive 2000/9 / EC. The surface treatment of individual parts of the extract is carried out by hot dip galvanizing.

Engine power 5.5 – 15 kW
Maximum speed   0.8 – 2 m/s
Maximum flow capacity person/h 600
Maximum length 300 m
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