Recreation and entertainment device. The structure of a simple track consists of edges made from steel sheet 0.7 mm thick connected with flat bar steel every 2 running meters. Between the edges and directly onto them a special sliding mate resistant to external factors is mounted. 

The entire device is fixed on a specially prepared foundation previously insulated with geotextiles with a single point anchoring to the ground. Thanks to the modular structure the device can be easily moved to any place.

An element increasing the attractiveness of the tubingsystem tracks are specially designed and mounted bends. Each bend is made up of steel structure elements 1.80 m long with a telescopic adjustment of the inclination within the range from 1.15 m to 1.50 mand protective mattresses; the entire track is covered with a sliding mate. The straight track and bends make up the entire recreational device used for directional slide on pontoons year-round.

2 – year warranty.  Declaration of conformity with the safety standards is provided with a certificate for the sliding surfaces. The expected period of use is 20 years. The pontoon track is not a structure within the meaning of the construction law regulations and no consent or notification in this regard is required.

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